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T.B and Chest (Tuberculosis)

At our specialized T.B. and Chest unit, we are dedicated to providing expert diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care for respiratory health. Together, let’s breathe easier and overcome these challenges!

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T.B and Chest :-

Tuberculosis is a serious infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs. It is essential to seek medical attention if one experiences any symptoms such as prolonged coughing, chest pain, night sweats, and weight loss.Santosh Multispecialty Hospital offers comprehensive care for tuberculosis patients, with a team of highly skilled pulmonologists, infectious disease specialists, and other medical professionals who provide diagnosis, treatment, and management of the disease. The hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosing TB, including rapid and accurate point-of-care diagnostics that can be used in resource-limited settings. In addition to medical treatment, the hospital also provides counselling and support services to help patients cope with the physical and emotional challenges that come with TB.It is important to prioritize one’s health and seek timely medical attention if any symptoms of tuberculosis are observed. Santosh Multispecialty Hospital is well-equipped to handle all aspects of TB diagnosis, treatment and management.