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Empowering Kidney Health Through Nephrology Excellence

Unleash the power of Nephrology excellence for optimal kidney health. Our dedicated team offers advanced care, personalized treatments, and proactive disease prevention. Take control of your kidney health and embrace a brighter future.

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Nephrology :-

Nephrology diseases are conditions that affect the kidneys and their ability to function properly. At Santosh Multispecialty Hospital, our team of experienced nephrologists work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care for patients with kidney disease.


Our focus is on early detection and treatment of kidney problems, emphasizing primary prevention, aggressive management, and on-going follow-up. Our dedicated nephrology nurses play a critical role in providing education, interventions and care coordination for patients with paediatric chronic kidney disease. In addition, we recognize the need to reinforce nephrology-specific education in medical trainees and continue to evolve with respect to the treatment and management of complex patients with reduced renal function and chronic kidney disease.