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Santosh Hospital Pathology , Pathology, Pathology In Padav


Welcome to our hospital’s Pathology department, where we prioritize the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Our team of experienced pathologists and technicians has been trained to provide you with the highest quality of pathology services. We utilize advanced equipment and the latest technology to ensure that every diagnosis is accurate. Our facility is equipped to handle all types of pathology services, including hematopathology, cytopathology, histopathology and surgical pathology. We take great pride in the level of care that is provided by our pathology department. Our team is committed to conducting thorough examinations and providing prompt results to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

Facilities available:

  1. hematology
  2. biochemistry
  3. serology
  4. microbiology
  5. cytopathology
  6. histopathology
  7. B.G.
  8. Full body test facility