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Operation Theater


When it comes to surgical procedures, you want to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care possible. At our hospital, we provide fully equipped operation theatres that are fulfilled with the latest technology for surgical procedures. Our operating theatres are designed to meet the WHO Safe Surgery Initiative standards, featuring appropriate lighting, adequate size, and dependable electricity and water supply. Our experienced surgeons and anaesthetic nursing staff are highly trained in their fields, following established protocols for anaesthetic and pain management to ensure your comfort during the entire procedure. We know that a safe environment is of utmost importance during surgery, which is why our theatre doors are hermetic and kept closed throughout the entire operation to maintain a sterile environment.

Facilities available:

  • General Surgery
  • Uro surgery
  • Ortho surgery
  • Anorectal surgery
  • Piles
  • fistula
  • Plastic Surgery\ Pediatric Surgery
  • Neuro surgery